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  • High-School and College Coursework Counseling 
  • ​High-School Experience and Extra-Curriculars Consulting
  • Test Prep Planning and Guidance
  • ​College List Creation (with majors, minors, concentrations, and/or specializations) 
  • Essay Coaching and Editing
  • Application Reviews
  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • ​Interview Advising
  • ​Campus Visit Coaching
  • ​Scholarship Application Planning and Preparation
  • ​Decision Day Consulting
Create college applications, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters that standout.

College Admissions Consulting and Career Coaching

Savvy Success Unlimited


    Call Lorraine Lyman at         415.559.1494 or e-mail her at Lorraine@SavvyU360.com 


Savvy Success Unlimited (Savvy U) is a college-admissions consulting and career coaching company for discerning clients who know that investing in themselves, their families, their communities and/or their businesses brings positive returns on investment.

​Savvy U prepares students and professionals to be the best in increasingly competitive educational and business marketplaces. Educational and professional solutions include the following services.

Through the use of one-on-one sessions, group meetings, and larger events; students and professionals position themselves to attain the academic and career goals of their dreams. Adults, who are not students, position themselves for the jobs of their dreams and learn to apply soft skills and industry-specific skills to become more effective in their career endeavors. Savvy U's insightful work with youths and adults takes the form of comprehensive, holistic, and customized coaching with an emphasis on life success, career achievement, educational consulting, workshops, and seminars--specifically tailored to the needs of the client, audience, or collaborators.

We can all learn and grow!