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The Savvy U Difference

Savvy U takes pride in respecting each and every client. Lorraine Lyman values academic intelligence as a key aspect of the learning process, and believes that this type of intelligence, related to Daniel Goleman's emotional intelligence can be nurtured and developed.

Students or professionals in training or consulting relationships with Savvy U are encouraged to continually develop their academic intelligence as it relates to educational development and life and business success. The aspects of academic intelligence that Savvy U aims to, in part, assist clients with includes the following:   

  • Self-awareness: Who am I as a person, student, and/or professional?
  • Self-regulation: How well organized am I? Do I manage my time well?
  • Self-motivation: What am I able to accomplish in-between Savvy U sessions and/or workshops?
  • Empathy and Social Skills: How well am I am I able to collaborate with my teachers, professors, fellow students and/or colleagues?

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The Learning Process

Individuals learn at their own paces. Savvy U evaluates each individual either via previous test scores, school assignments, evaluations, grades, and/or work completed during Savvy U sessions and tailors Savvy U educational-consulting techniques to produce the most opportunities for success for that individual (or group). If students work to increase their academic intelligence as it relates to the educational process and consistently follow through with Savvy U Action Plans those students increase their chances for success.  The learning process as it relates to professionals is in many ways handled in a similar fashion.   

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