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Below is a brief list of testimonials from a few of the former students and parents that Lorraine has worked with:

Lorraine is very patient and is very good at working out problems with you, not just telling you the answer, but helping you understand each step it takes to get to the answer.  She always came prepared, and I looked forward to each session, because I always felt I accomplished something.
I sincerely believe that it was partially the positive influence Ms. Lyman had on Tory’s education that has carried him as far as he is today.  He has accomplished much on his own, but having had Ms. Lyman as his teacher at such a crucial point in his life certainly aided him in pursing his goal of going to college and succeeding. There are times in a student's life when one person giving him or her the encouragement and positive reinforcement they long for can be a turning point. Ms. Lyman was that turning point for Tory.
Ms. Lyman was always willing to give me and other students good advice and she always helped out in whatever way she could. I feel truly honored to have been a student of and now a friend of Ms. Lorraine Lyman.  


Savvy Success and People on the Rise

During the past two and a half years, Lorraine Lyman's current and former clients have won the 2014 NFL Super Bowl, been offered student-athlete scholarships to Harvard and UC-Santa Barbara, been accepted at Yale, Harvey Mudd, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Michigan and the University of Washington, and earned over $1,000,000 in merit aid and athletic scholarships for high school and college!  

Both current and former Savvy U students are attending the private or public universities of their dreams or have graduated from those schools.  Savvy U students have also been known to make the best grades of their lives while working with Lorraine.  In addition to their many other dreams, Savvy U students have played or are playing Division I basketball, volleyball, and football and minor league ice hockey.  On the road to their dreams, many of Lorraine's clients study their first choice majors which include but are not limited to Architecture, Environmental Science and Public Policy, Educational Leadership; Fashion Design, International Relations and much more!

Quite often during high school and middle school Savvy Success Unlimited students participate in one or more of the following sports: archery, lacrosse, equestrian events, water polo, golf, gymnastics, modern dance, ice skating, baseball, rugby, basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, ballet, swimming, track and field, and cross country.  Savvy U College students are majoring in Architecture, Industrial Design, Computer Engineering, Pre-Med, Environmental Science and Public Policy, Exercise Sports Science, Educational Leadership; Fashion Design, International Relations and much more!

Current Savvy U students are interested in attending Yale, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, Stanford, Williams, University of Pennsylvania, University of Puget Sound, Whittier, Claremont-McKenna, University of Oregon, University of Arizona, Florida State, Bucknell, and Cornell--just to name a few.