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"Very interactive!"

"...opened my eyes to my future..."

"This workshop helped me learn what classes I could take to follow my dream career!"

Savvy U Educational Consulting and Academic Coaching Workshops

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48-Hour Academic Content and 

Three-Wills Coaching Program

‚ÄčClosing the education gap is central to helping under-performing students gain the confidence they need to be successful in school and in life. This program helps students boost their performance in math or language arts and empowers them by helping to develop their Three Wills. (for elementary-school, middle-school, and high-school students; call for pricing)

College Admissions Consulting and Career Coaching


Academic Excellence = Life Success

Empowerment and choosing to achieve academically create a foundation for life success like no other. This workshop focuses on how teens can utilize both to make school a more enriching experience. (for middle-school and high-school students; call for pricing.)

Three Wills: Awareness and Transformation 

Students grow and excel in the classroom and in other aspects of their lives by cultivating their Three Wills. This workshop focuses on how students can use the Three Wills to boost their academic performance. (for high-school and college students; call for pricing)