Motivational Speaking, Workshops, and Other Speaking for pricing

360Reach Personal-Branding Strategy Coaching

   5 Sessions: 1. Purpose and Goals, 2. Extract, 3. Express, 4. Exude, 5. Review
   5 Sessions with Résumé, Customized Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Refresh package

            (purchased separately)

A La Carte Career Assessments

   SkillScan Drive or Express Transferable Skills Assessment

   360Reach Personal Branding Assessment

   Highlands (Natural) Ability Battery Assessment



7x-Certified Lorraine Lyman, MS, MA, CPBS, will collaborate directly with members of your organization to provide assessments, leadership training, as well as authentic personal and professional development while facilitating team building. 


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Motivational Speaking for Organizations

Knowledge is Power.

Education of self and self-education as a foundation for

personal achievement and professional development.

Lorraine Lyman, MS, MA, CPBS's Certifications and Professional Affiliations

​​​SAVVY SUCCESS Unlimited

*Additional fee(s) incurred for in-person sessions.

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